About Us

Our Belief

Our client will experience esteem through best run business forms, utilizing the privilege and sufficient innovation empowering to separate them inside today's business sector.

Our Innovation

Your future is our speculation. A soul and venture to persistently characterize, propose and fabricate the inventive arrangements and innovation to move our client to future business esteem. The consistent approach to advance.

Our Commitment

Your accomplishment is our commitment. Our enthusiasm for mastery and quality guarantees our dedication to be your trusted counsel in accomplishing predominant worth. A strong base to get it going.

Our Customer Satisfaction

Your fulfillment is our future. A Company wide commitment and association to bring the right quality administrations that increases the value of our client. The will to accomplish consumer loyalty, most importantly.


Our involvement doesn’t necessarily stop once the transaction is finalized. We will stay mindful to your consequent and related needs. Our fulfillment relies on upon the fulfillment of our customers. At NEXUS METAL & ALLOYS, we are in an invigorating field where the quest for and the offer of products is significantly more than only work : it's our passion most importantly.

This dedication to quality spreads all inclusive. From our gathering of experts, who demonstrate every day that being an expert means significantly more than accepting a paycheck. To our awesome administration individuals who comprehend that "group" and "work" go together as an inseparable unit.

Want to know About Us?

NEXUS METAL and ALLOYS is a pre-dominant player in the worldwide business sector for the manufacturing, trading, subcontracting, importing and stocking mechanical raw materials and procedure types of equipment.

Nexus Metal and Alloys began its glorious journey in 2009 with a mission to add to the development story of India's monetary advancement by supplying products like Earthing Rod Clamps, Conductors, Cable Accessories, Earth Bonds etc answers for the rising modern industries of the nation. In the course of recent decades it has been essentially into manufacturing and supplying to driving ventures over the globe.


We have put a lot of capital in building up a sound infrastructural base.


Commitment and enthusiasm are the terms that can depict our team.


To meet little and also mass requests, we have an extensive warehouse.