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Stainless Steel Earth Rod

Nexus Metal & Alloys manufactures, exports and supplies Stainless Steel Earthing Rods which are utilized to overcome a large number of the issues created by galvanic corrosion which can happen between unique metals covered in nearness. Different points of interest of Stainless Steel Earthing Rods are that they are profoundly impervious to corrosion are considerably more anodic than copper.

Stainless Steel Earthing Rods are utilized where galvanic consumption is liable to influence earth bars because of divergent metals covered in closeness as copper earth rods are more helpless against galvanic corrosion. Stainless steel rod is more anodic than copper and are more compelling against corrosion issue.

Stainless Steel Earth Rod Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier

In an grounding system, the ground terminal gives the physical association with the earth and is the instrument used to disperse current into it. There are two principle sorts of terminals.

"Natural" electrodes are natural for the office and incorporate metal underground water pipe, the metal
casing of the building (if successfully grounded), and strengthening bar in solid establishments.

"Made" electrodes are introduced particularly to enhance the execution of the establishing framework and incorporate wire networks, metallic plates, covered copper conveyor and bars or pipe crashed into the ground.

The ground bar is the most broadly utilizing grounding electrode.

Characteristic in Stainless Steel Earthing Rods:

NSS1612 M10 16 1200 1.88
NSS1615 M10 16 1500 2.35
NSS1618 M10 16 1800 2.82
NSS1624 M10 16 2400 3.77
NSS1630 M10 16 3000 4.70
NSS2012 M10 20 1200 2.93
NSS2015 M10 20 1500 3.67
NSS2018 M10 20 1800 4.40
NSS2024 M10 20 2400 5.85
NSS2030 M10 20 3000 7.32
NSS2512 M10 25 1200 4.90
NSS2515 M10 25 1500 6.15
NSS2518 M10 25 1800 7.35
NSS2524 M10 25 2400 9.80
NSS2524 M10 25 3000 12.25

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