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Flexible Flat Copper Braid

Nexus Metal & Alloys manufactures, exports and supplies Flat Copper Braid. Our scope of Copper Conductor additionally incorporates Flat Copper Braid.

Our most temperate standard level copper twists are produced using 0.20 breadth wire and are meshed into a tube took after by a rolling process. They are utilized as earthing straps and are likewise utilized as a part of various electrical segments. Exceedingly copper adaptable uncovered, tin and silver covered. Flat braids are utilized for carbon brushes, transfers, gaskets, telecom, cars, earthing and so on.

Flexible Flat Copper Braid Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier

Other sizes and types of braid can be made to order.

NCFB1201 12 x 1.0 6.0 0.055
NCFB1515 15 x 1.5 10 0.096
NCFB1925 19 x 2.5 16 0.16
NCFB2530 25 x 3.0 25 0.25
NCFB2535 25 x 3.5 35 0.34
NCFB3050 30 x 5.0 50 0.49
NCFB3260 32 x 6.0 70 0.63
NCFB3760 37 x 6.0 95 0.93
NCFB4560 45 x 6.0 120 1.15
NCFB5080 50 x 8.0 150 1.45

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Tinned Copper Braided Strip Manufacturer Exporter Supplier
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